There is a huge variety of restaurants in Praia do Forte, from the simple and cozy to award-winning restaurants with high quality dishes and service. Among them, you can find the main international cuisines such as Italian, French, Japanese, Mexican, Argentinian, and, of course, many pizzerias and a lot of local cuisine.

Besides the restaurants, you can enjoy great cuisine in different scenarios in Praia do Forte. You can grab a bite at the beach huts, at bars, in the delis and ice cream shops of the Vila.

The gastronomy in Praia do Forte is also part of the cultural calendar of the region, and every year there is a great gastronomic event called "Tempero no Forte". Created by chef Tereza Paim, the event brings together chefs from many parts of Brazil and other countries who prepare dishes on a pre-established theme. The event counts with local restaurants where courses, workshops and thematic classes take place. Tempero do Forte is one of the biggest events in Praia do Forte, and it usually happens at the end of the year, in November.

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