Praia do Forte

Praia do Forte is part of the municipality of Mata de São João, but it’s very close to Salvador, they’re connected by the “Estrada do Côco Road”, which begins at the International Airport and ends in Praia do Forte.

The village offers the best infrastructure in Bahia’s North Shore, with bank ATMs, dozens of restaurants, snack bars, supermarkets, pharmacies, and other facilities. 


The old fishing village is the origin to what Praia do Forte is today: a place that still preserves rustic features with exquisite details and modernity.

It is believed that the village first began around the fortress that the Portuguese nobleman Garcia D'Ávila built in the 16th century, to protect the area. The fortress was used to store the goods that arrived at the coast of the Portuguese colony, and that later would be sent to Salvador, the Brazilian capital back then. Many families began to settle in the region, drown by the arrival of coconut seedlings that the Portuguese settlers brought from Asia. Some men began planting and harvesting, others became seamen assisting in the crossing of people and goods in the Pojuca River, and others became fishermen. That was the very beginning of Praia do Forte. 

This is our beach!

Fishermen little houses, a church, a square, a coastline with a countryside vibe...

Calme and safe streets, sea breeze ... this is Praia do Forte, known as the "Brazilian Polynesia."

In addition to the beaches and the charming village packed with good bars, restaurants and shops, you will also find the national headquarters of the Tamar Project (preservation of sea turtles), the Baleia Jubarte Institute and the Garcia D'Ávila Fortress ruins, the oldest Portuguese building in the Americas).

For those who enjoy contact with nature, 12 km of semi deserted beaches perfect for diving and snorkeling, canoe trips on the Timeantube Lagoon, hiking in the Sapiranga Reserve, going in the Pojuca River...

And at night, a village with restaurants, live music and the best vibe in Bahia’s north shore!

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