Praia do Forte is the ideal place to bring groups of students that seek historical, ecological and cultural tourism combined with leisure.

For some years now, one of the highest priorities of Praia do Forte Hostel is the education focused on preservation of the environment. Because of this, we have been investing more in physical and operational structure to host students throughout the country.

School Groups
It is undeniable that in recent years the role of schools and colleges has been changing significantly. The teaching-learning process is no longer restricted only to classrooms. The students must experience the acquired knowledge and be able to see themselves as subjects of their own learning.

Understanding these changes and needs, Praia do Forte Hostel has hosted students from many schools in Bahia and other states, always aiming to promote a comprehensive education, in which students can enjoy ecological, cultural and leisure programs, always staying safe.

Groups from Colleges
With the same commitment that Praia do Forte Hostel hosts students from the best schools in the country, it is also a great option for colleges with programs such as Hospitality, Biology, History, Geography, etc, looking to have technical visits and outdoor experiences. 

Praia do Forte

In Praia do Forte are located the Tamar Project, the Baleia Jubarte Institute, the Garcia D'Ávila Castle, the Sapiranga Reserve and the Klaus Peters Park, all offering great infra structure to receive the groups staying here. 

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