The hostels are a practical, fun and safe kind of lodging to stay at when you are travelling around the world. They usually offer shared rooms, for those seeking a more economical lodging option, and private rooms, for couples, friends and families who want some more privacy.

Hostels have a very unique philosophy, based on socialization among the guests. Most of the hostels have common areas, where people get a chance to Interact with each other, make new friends, share travel experiences, etc. This means that, despite having private rooms, areas such as kitchen, TV and DVD room, courtyard gardens and other areas are always shared.

All hostels offer an equipped kitchen open to guests, where they can make small meals and snacks in general, making the lodging more economical.

The atmosphere of the hostels is always relaxed and staffed with trained staff to provide local information, suggest area tours, recommend restaurants and reliable eateries, and assist in whatever it takes to make the lodging a happier and more pleasurable experience.

What about the first ever hostel in the world?

Founded by the German professor Richard Schirmann in 1909, the “hostelling way” was created to help him teach his classes in excursions, which he believed was very important for students - learning beyond the classroom. The teacher started making trips with his students to different places and realized just how hard it was to find lodging for his groups. So then, on a stormy night, he was forced to take shelter in a school in the town of Bröl, where the director allowed them to occupy a classroom. That night Schirmann realized that schools in Germany could provide accommodation to welcome young travelers and in 1912 the first “youth hostel” was opened, in a castle in Altena, with male and female dormitories, kitchens and bathrooms.

From that point, the idea of hostels grew quickly and in 1932 the International Federation of Youth Hostels - Hostelling International was created. In Brazil the hostels started to open in the 1960s. 

In 1971, the Brazilian Federation of Youth Hostels was founded.

Hostelling International is currently the largest economic hosting network in the world, present on 5 continents. 


Hostelling International is the largest and oldest network of Hostels in the world.

It currently has more than 90 hostels in Brazil and 4500 around the world. Being a member of the HI community, guests have discounts, both in the hostels' daily rates and discounts with the other network partners. That's why Hostelling International has more than 100,000 members in Brazil and 4 million+ worldwide.

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